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Welcome to Piggy Bank Ninja, where more than 128 proven blueprints to make money are waiting for you. Check out some of what you get ...

* Case Study of how a $420 yearly investment can make you $120,000 per year. From just one site - and you can have unlimited sites. You get the analysis, exactly what to do, and the website to sign up at (and comparison of the service to sign up at with over a dozen others). We paid an extra $5 one-time fee and you will see how critical that is to making this strategy pay-off on autopilot.

* 80+ ways to make money online. It doesn't matter what your skill level is - or isn't. You'll find something here.

* How to make easy money from your smart phone. Time to make that thing pay for itself.

* How to make money instantly. Literally, you could be richer an hour after becoming a member.

* Dozens of ways to make money offline.

* Easy, one-off things you do once and never have to touch again.

* Elaborate website and traffic strategies it may take months to implement, but which can make big bucks for years.

* 19+ ways to put money in your wallet without having to sell or refer anything

* Great tools you must have for an online business. Some of these ideas are a log of fun. For example, I've been to about 100 arts and crafts shows the last few years and based on that experience will give you 3 products easy to make that sell.

* Scams and time wasters to avoid. Crap like Amazon's Mechanical Turk where you make a ten cent credit for an hour's work.

* Tips and strategies galore to get ahead for free or cheap. Like spending pennies on Amazon's Mechanical Turk for a modern day slave to do your work for you. Tip: Don't just read the strategies. Let your creative juices flow like getting on the "other side" of a time waster so you can be making the money.

* Odd stuff you would never think of. Become a minister for free and no work or education. With your new authority and credentials you can turnaround and get paid for your services.

* Strategies you know about, such as Amazon affiliate marketing. For those you also get tips, strategies, and several step-by-step gameplans for making a profitable affiliate site.

* How to get free cash paid to your PayPal account just for buying groceries and other products you were going to buy anyway.

* How to crank out product after product without ever having to create any products yourself.

* How to make a killing by getting affiliates to promote a "free report".

* Literally hundreds of pages if you printed out all the strategies and linked resources and guides.

A Living Membership Site is Probably Most Important of All ...

One of the things people hate about ebooks, both buying and writing them, is when resources go out of date. And typos. It's unavoidable online.

That's why this material has been in a membership site.

Find a link that's gone bad - let us know. Can't do that with a pdf.

You may be thinking that means an ongoing monthly fee to stay a member and get updates.

Uh, no.

That is a money making strategy for sure, but not what this is about. Maybe in the future, but today lifetime membership is just one small investment you will probably write off on your taxes.

And you're not getting "drip fed" content. It's all there.

And there's no upsells to get the good stuff. It's all there.

Need some more information about a strategy? Just let us know.

With a membership site you get now and get all the strategies. You get all the new ones for free when added in the future. Is that a great deal or what?

Unlimited Bonus Rewards - This is Uniquely Cool

Never seen this type of bonus or reward offered before, so here goes ...

There will absolutely be strategies you know about that are not in the membership area (yet).

So here is what new members get:

You send in a strategy. If we try it and make money we'll send you 50 percent of the profits.

Example: You've got something that can make a quick ten bucks. You'll get five bucks of the ten we make.

Example: You've got a strategy that makes a million bucks. We'll do all the work and load up your PayPal account.

Full bonus details inside for members.

This is a great opportunity.

Our goal is to do some "crowd sourcing" to get even more ideas in the membership area, and a way for you to make extra cash for suggesting something that works.

Something Else About Needed Skills

Most of the strategies anyone can do without any skills or training.

The membership area is not just a "list" of ideas.

You've probably seen junk online posts like 47 ways to make money. (Really, just click bait for them to make money.) Then it says write articles and 32 articles sites are listed. Then it says promote CPA offers and 15 CPA sites are listed. For them, that's 47.

For us - in the membership area - that's 2. Two strategies and 47 resources. Plus each strategy has a description of what you need to do to make money and tips we know about.

Members are going to have a wide variety of skills, backgrounds, and come from different countries.

If you see a strategy that says Do X, and you don't understand how to do X, first - Google it. Or DuckDuckGo it as that is now our search engine of choice. If you still can't figure it out let us know and we will see about adding more detail to the strategy for you and others to use.

That way you can be sure ideas are fleshed out enough for you to make use of.

Bonus - Free Web Hosting for 5 Years

5 years of free web hosting! $300 value. Full featured cpanel account on fast hosting with SSD drives and speed boost. Full stats, easy click software installs, cron jobs, website builders, 24x7 professional support, and more.

Here are screen shots from the cpanel so you can better see what is included:

We've been moving more and more domains to this hosting. It's fast!

Bonus - 100,000 Articles

It costs at least a dollar to get even a simple article written. A penny per word is a dollar for just 100 words. Imagine a penny per article! For 100,000 articles that would still set you back $1000.

Need some free content to get you started?

Ideas to brainstorm niches?

Get 100,000 PLR articles as a bonus. Make use of downloads and links to get more content than you would ever write yourself. This is content to use as you want.

Bonus - 110+ Master Resell Rights Products

Even more to get you started in dozens of niches! Software, ebooks, and websites with predone sales pages and graphics are waiting for you to make use of.

You can't go wrong with free stuff to sell and make use of.

Bonus - Instant Article and Video Websites

Holy automation Batman, you need to see these instant push button websites.

Need a nice looking 100 page website with videos or artricles monetized with your Adsense and/or Amazon affiliate IDs? You bet!

Save yourself tons of time with these website builders. Use to create a new website or add content to an existing site. Here are the website builders you get:

Ballroom Dancing
Golf Lessons
Healthy Eating
Personal Finance
Pet Grooming
Health and Beauty
Weight Loss
Tooth Care
Weight Loss
Wine Tasting

Want to see a test site created in about a minute? Go here ...

Obviously for a "real" site you will want a better header graphic besides something saying "test", and the site builder can automatically monetize your site with Adsense, Amazon or other ads.

Pretty cool huh! A push button video site done in a minute or so. This is great.

Product Delivery

Access to signing up for membership is handled by PayPal and our service provider. After making payment at PayPal you will be redirected to a page where you can register your membership login details.

If you have a problem contact the Support Desk

Our provider will give you a chance to sign up for the Piggy Bank Ninja newsletter managed by AWeber. This is ONLY to send you information about new information in Piggy Bank Ninja. There will be no product promotions. No pimping affiliate products. Just free details about new strategies for private members.

Questions and Answers

How much will I make?

I don't know. Hopefully a lot, but there are no income promises. Read the strategies, mark off the ones you want to do, then take action.

How fast will I make money?

Some strategies take minutes. Others may take weeks or months such as a website relying on SEO traffic. Much can depend on your niche and skills.

Will this work for me in country ___________?

There are so many strategies there is something for everyone. But yeah, if you're in Libya some ideas are not going to be practical or available. You already knew that.

The bonus reward. Do I have to have done the strategy?

Nope. If you see strategy X on a website and it's not in the members area, let us know. Obviously (hopefully this is obvious) there is no guarantee we will try everything suggested, but if we do and make some money we'll split the profits.

Is there a limit on how many strategies I can submit to get bonus rewards?

No. Keep in mind there is only 24 hours in a day and we already make a full-time living online. This is mainly crowd sourcing.

Do you share submitted strategies with others in the members area?


What have others said?

"This is brilliant!!!" - Erica

"The report definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities, none of which I had considered. Well written with excellent information. Well done." - D.L.

"OMG! This is incredible. Thank you so much!" - David

"Thank God ... excellent product" - Andrew

"This product is GREAT!" - Jill

"I am more than pleased. Really great work. I will be referencing Piggy Bank Ninja often." - Larry

This is What You Need to Do Next ...

Membership is just $67. A one-time lifetime investment you will probably write off as a business expense.

A tires on your car probably cost more.

You can use strategies for years. Just one can set you up.

This is a special price offer. In the future there may be ongoing access fees.

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